Tips & Tricks To Make Dirty Hair Look Fresh As A Daisy!

No time to wash your hair? Wish you’d got up half an hour earlier but your bed was too warm and comfortable? Running late because you forgot to set your alarm? Don’t worry, you may have a case of dirty hair on your hands, but we can help it to look freshly washed and with some clever trickery, as if you’ve just left the hair salon!

Dirty Hair Is Good For You!

Believe it or not, sometimes it’s better to have dirty hair because it’s easier to style. Most of those Hollywood stars attending big award ceremonies have had their hair washed the day before. This is because hair needs to be slightly dirty to stay in place when coiffed and fixed into elaborate up-do’s and exciting glamourous styles. Additionally, if you’re trying to create curls that last and want to use curling irons or wands then do it on day two of washing because your curls will hold longer. So if you are going somewhere special or you want to try something really different, wash your hair and leave it until day two or three to style it.

It’s also better to leave your hair dirty for colouring because it’s kinder to the scalp. You might have heard that hair grasps colour better when it’s dirty but actually it doesn’t. It’s just that hair provides its own protective layer once it’s a little dirty. This protects the scalp from harsh chemicals like ammonia or peroxide. So if you’re about to tackle a new colour, wait until day three post hair-washing before hitting the bottle!

Dirty Hairstyles

dirty hair looks

Now you know that actually you might be benefiting your hair by keeping it a little on the greasy and dirty side but what are the styles that will make everyone turn their heads and think to themselves what great hair you’ve got? Here are four of our favourite “dirty-hair” styles for you to try yourself:

Try a messy plait because all you need is some good quality texturizing spray to make it look full and lived-in.
A top knot or a low chignon always works better on day two or three (even days four and five) because it pulls hair away from the face, covers the root and tucks dirty hair out of sight! Plus both these styles are chic and sleek – perfect for a high flyer like you.

If you’re savvy with braiding try fishtails, they are almost like inverted plaits and take a little practice but once you’ve mastered the art they look incredible. There are lots of braiding tutorials online to help you create this long-lasting style, perfectly suited to dirty hair.

When learning how to braid, a fat plait around the crown of your head is another one of those fail-safe styles ideal for dirtier hair because it’s a textured style and dirtier hair has better texture to work with. This type of styling hides a multitude of sins, is much easier to achieve on dirty hair and allows you to go out all night without a hair out of place.

Bad Hair Smell Be Gone!

smelly hair

We don’t blame you for wanting to leave your hair a little dirty so you can style it better and also because it’s kinder to hair not to wash it every day but what happens when your hair starts to smell? If you’re out partying at night and spending time in a humid atmosphere you will sweat which can leave a sour smell on your scalp.

Or maybe you hit that gym and don’t wash your hair straight after, this leads to plenty of sweat which dries out in your hair. Equally, if you don’t wash your hair really well and rinse it through you might leave styling build-up on the scalp. If this product build-up doesn’t get washed out it will linger, leaving that unpleasant hair odour. Of course – leave your hair wet and you encourage fungus so ladies, please wash your hair well.

How To Control Bad Hair Odour

We’ve got some ideas to help you shift your smelly hair right here but we should also advise you that if your hair odour gets worse you must see a doctor because there may be another reason for it, especially if it’s accompanied with acne or feeling generally unwell.

Always wash your hair properly and use a clarifying shampoo which refreshes the scalp and penetrates deep into the sebaceous glands, removing dirt, product build-up and oil.
When you wash your hair, concentrate on the top area and let the suds run down the rest of your hair. Really rinse your hair until it is literally squeaky clean.

Use conditioner on the bottom area and leave it on for a few moments, rinse it thoroughly.
If you want to use a good home product simply squeeze the juice of two lemons into 30ml of water and massage into the scalp. Leave it on for a few minutes and rinse out. Do this once or twice a week. This treatment is also excellent for fungal infections just add a few tablespoons of plain yoghurt as well and leave it on your hair as a mask for half an hour.

Never use too many styling products, just one will suffice and make sure it’s right for your hair type. Don’t use any oil-based styling products.

Look in your kitchen for home remedies, something like baking soda is excellent for hair odour. You need to mix two tablespoons with six tablespoons of water and make a paste. Dampen your hair and apply the treatment for five minutes then wash and condition your hair as normal. Do this once a week.

Tea Tree oil is another excellent natural product for hair odour. Either use a few drops neat onto the scalp when you wash your hair or purchase a Tea Tree shampoo. The scent is immensely refreshing and revitalising and lasts for days.

In-between washes, if your hair starts to whiff a little there are a few styling secrets to help keep your hair wonderfully fragrant before your next hair wash:

If you haven’t got anything to hand then your perfume will suffice, one squirt of your favourite scent will last a good few hours.

Hair & Scentifs “Hair Fragrance” hair perfume is a fantastic way of killing nasty hair odour in between shampoos and it’s so light, it won’t leave a residue or weigh down your hair. It’s fresh and has a gorgeous peach fragrance and doesn’t dry hair out (unlike regular perfume). It’s also long lasting and works well on permed hair, synthetic hair and hair extensions.

Oh No! My Alarm Didn’t Go Off!

Everyone forgets to set their alarm from time to time but when seconds count to get to work what do you do when you’ve got dirty hair? Don’t worry; we’ve got some excellent product ideas to pep up your limp locks in no time at all.

Jonathan Product Dirt Texturizing Paste

Jonathan Product Dirt Texturizing Paste

If you want something to shape your a-little-bit dirty hair then this product is excellent, especially if your hair is looking dull and lifeless as it adds shine. It allows you to easily shape hair without leaving it looking heavy and because it has almond and soy in the mostly natural ingredients, it’s good for over-styled hair.

Batiste Cherry Flavour Dry Shampoo

Batiste Dry Shampoo, Cherry

Dry shampoo is one of those products everyone should have in their bathroom and Batiste are the experts. Just spray a little of this on your roots and brush through your hair for instant de-greasing and lift. This shampoo gives plenty of volumising texture and its cherry scent is good for giving hair a fruity refresh when you need it.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

ORIBE Dry Texturizing Spray

We just love this award-winning product! It’s a dry shampoo in a spray can. It doesn’t leave any residue, it’s light yet powerful and it revitalises dirty hair instantly. We won’t leave the house without it especially if we haven’t had time to wash our hair! It absorbs oil and grease from the scalp and gives hair that just-washed look, even when it’s been days since your hair saw any shampoo!

Klorane Dry Shampoo With Nettle For Oily Hair

If you have oily hair then you no doubt will get fed up of having hair that looks dirty just one day after washing. Fear not, this dry shampoo will really work wonders on dirty hair. Infused with nettle, it’s kind to the scalp and draws away oil, grease and product build-up. It also builds volume and gives the look of fullness in moments. Just spritz some on the roots and comb through hair for freshly washed, gorgeously scented hair.


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