How To Make Your Hair Smell Great! Follow These Tips & Tricks!

Bad hair odour is something that many people, male and female suffer and there are a variety of causes. Oily hair sufferers are also prone to bad hair odour and this is because grease, product build-up, and dirt left on the scalp can start to whiff after a couple of days if hair is left unwashed.

What causes hair to smell bad?

Sometimes, just being in a humid, hot atmosphere can cause bad hair odour, especially if you’re surrounded by smokers because the odour tends to linger in hair not shifting until hair is washed again. Cooking also can lead to smelly hair because the food aroma sticks to hair making it smell unpleasant.

Of course, sometimes your hair smells bad because it needs washing, so you’ve left it too long before getting in the shower and having a good scrub with a quality shampoo! This is easy enough to rectify, just wash your hair more often!

Finally, a medical problem like fungus infection can lead to hair smelling sour. This type of problem might need a GP to prescribe medicated shampoo to get rid of it but if you’re careful with your hygiene and you wash your hair properly you should be able to get rid of the odour.

What Can You Do To Make Your Hair Smell Sweeter?

Follow our top tips for sweet smelling hair and bad hair odour will soon be a distant memory:

1. Wash your hair often

Yes, we know you already know this but seriously, leave your hair dirty and it will smell just the same way as your body smells when it’s unwashed! So, jump in that shower and give your hair a good hair wash.

Oily hair sufferers need to wash every other day, dry hair sufferers once or twice a week. In between washes if your hair does begin to smell you could use a hair fragrance but more about that later on….

2. Don’t Smoke Or Visit Smoky Atmospheres

Don’t Smoke Or Visit Smoky Atmospheres

Smoking smells bad and it clings to clothes and hair. You can put your clothes in the wash and have a shower but if you don’t wash your hair, it will still smell. So always wash your hair after you’ve been in a smoky environment and if you’re the smoker – quit! You’ll smell nicer and you’ll be healthier too.

3. Wash Your Pillowcases & Towels Regularly


Using grubby pillowcases and towels won’t help bad hair odour so keep your linen smelling fresh and change your pillowcases and towels every other day.

4. Cover-Up

If you’re working in a kitchen or a restaurant, the smell of food will linger long after you’ve stopped serving. Even if you cook regularly at home, it’s best to cover your head with a cap or wash your hair when you’ve finished work.

5. Keep Your Brushes Clean

Keep Your Brushes Clean

Wash your hairbrushes weekly because you might well wash your hair but if your brush is clinging onto dirt, grease or oil it will just transfer it straight back. A clean brush = clean hair and clean smelling hair too. The same applies to hats and other hair accessories, keep them clean.

Tips & Tricks to keep hair smelling great longer

So you’ve washed your hair, it looks great and smells even better. What can you do to keep your hair smelling fresh as a daisy? Follow our tips below for gorgeously scented hair that lasts…and lasts!

  1. Choose a strong scented shampoo and conditioner. The scent in these types of products is designed to last and what’s better than waking up and being able to smell your clean hair on your pillow?
  2. Use scented hair oil (although avoid this if your hair is oily). This is best for dry hair and will help to keep your hair suitably hydrated too. Just pop a few drops on your fingers and run through your hair, the scent will cling to it so it smells incredible.
  3. Use your favorite perfume. You can always spritz one of your favorite perfumes on your hair but don’t do this too often as it’s not designed for hair-use. If you do this, just spray a cloud in front of you and walk into it rather than spraying directly onto your head.
  4. Use hair fragrance. There are various different sprays on the market designed for specific use on hair. Use when hair gets a bit smelly to keep nasty odor at bay.

Keep your hair clean – enough said!

What Are The Best Products To Keep Hair Smelling Delicious?

We’ve researched all the products available for sweet-smelling hair. Try some of these and your hair will smell heavenly, all bad odour banished for good!


  • ORIBE Foundation Mist

This is weightless and light, building in shine, detangling and smelling fabulous. It’s also a conditioning treatment and protects hair from environmental pollution. Use on wet or dry hair and leave it in, no rinsing required. You can also spray it directly onto hair in-between washes to pep up the scent.




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  • Moroccan Oil- Natural Conditioner- Oily Hair Conditioner

Safe and gentle this naturally cleanses hair and conditions it balancing oil production so hair smells and feels great for longer. It’s also great for soothing an itchy scalp and protects hair from heated styling and chemical processing. The scent in this conditioner really lasts between washes.




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Hair Perfumes & Mists

  • Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Hair and Body Mist

Victoria's Secret Bombshell

This is a sweet smelling scent that’s suitable for hair and body use. It is scented with passion fruit, peony and vanilla orchid, suitable for pepping up hair and helping it to smell just-washed.




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  • Fekkai Hair Fragrance Mist Rose Fraîche

Fekkai Hair Fragrance Mist Rose Fraîche

Not only does this smell gorgeous it also helps to boost hair shine and stops frizz so it’s a great product to keep close by when you need your hair to be extra-fragrant.




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  • Christian Dior J’adore Women’s Hair Mist

Christian Dior J'adore Women's Hair

If you’ve got money to spend this has to be the best hair perfume around. It’s a light mist made using jasmine and cotton and acts as a protector. It also boosts shine, fights humidity and smells glorious.




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Hair Oils

  • Kerastase Elixir Ultime Rose Millenaire Fine and Sensitized Hair

Kerastase Elixir Ultime Rose Millenaire

This is very strongly scented but that means it lasts. It’s a good all over scent designed for fine or sensitive hair and scalp. It’s also gentle and won’t clog hair follicles. We think it’s ideal if you’ve been in a smelly atmosphere and want to pep up your hair.




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Leave-In Spray

  • Klorane Leave-in Spray with Citrus Pulp – Clarifying

Klorane Leave-in Spray with

This is a leave-in spray rather than a mist or perfume. Infused with zingy citrus it detangles hair and clarifies it so it smells clean and fresh. It’s also a protector, so hair is safe from environmental pollution and it’s light so it doesn’t weigh hair down.

For normal and oily hair, if you want manageable and soft hair, this one’s for you.

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